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Swarna Samarohanam

Bharata Kalanjali Turns 50
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October 2, 2018
7, Shenstone Park, # 13/1 Harrington Road Chetput, Chennai 600031. India.
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October 5, 2018

October 20-22, 2018

 Learning of art series


September 22, 2018, 5.30pm

September 21
, 2018, 6pm

September 16, 2018, 9.30am-8.30pm

August 31, September 1 & 2, 2018

August 17, 2018

August 11, 2018

The Dhananjayans performed at the 22nd edition of Parampara Series organised by Natya Tarangini - Raja Radha Reddy Centre for Performing Arts, The National Festival of Music and Dance held from the 10th to 12th August 2018.
At: Kamani Auditorium, 1 Copernicus Marg, New Delhi

August 5, 2018

August 3, 2018

July 18, 2018, 6pm

K.Sarveshan from South Africa, an alumni of Bharatakalanjali won the first prize from the Madras Music Academy last year's Spirit of youth program and he performed for the Academy - HCL Concert series.
Sarveshan performed the celebrated NRITYOPAHAARAM  in Naattakurinji raagam composed by Sangitakalanidhi T.V. Gopalakrishnan on Varasiddhi Vinayaka of Besant Nagar Temple accompanied by Sangeeta Vidwan Hariprasad of Kalakshetra. A unique Sankeerna jaathi tillana in the Raaga Kannada composed by late T.Gopalakrishnan (AIR  New Delhi) set as a Nrittaangahaaram was yet another major attraction of Sarveshan's performance.
At: Kasturi Srinivasan Hall, The Madras Music Academy.

July 14 & 15, 2018 Chennai

June 27, 2018

June 23, 2018

N. Murali, maestro T.V.Gopalakrishnan,VP Dhananjayan, Prof.Kartikeyan Nair
Guru V.P. Dhananjayan released the book (Downpouring devotion of Vaggeyakaaras of Carnatic Music) by Prof. P.P. Ramakrishnan (Retd Principal of Swathi Thirunal College of Music, Thiruvananthapuram) at Music Academy Mini Hall. Dr (Prof).Kartikeyan Nair, Director of Kerala State Institute of Languages, published the book. Prof. Ramakrishnan celebrates 50 years of his career as a music teacher. He has taught over 7000 students during his tenure of teaching in Kerala colleges of Carnatic music. Following the book release function, a 12 year old prodigy Raam Manikandan trained by Ramakrishnan rendered a full length concert in front of large gathering of rasikas.

June 17, 2018

Arangetram of Shreemathi. Bhavan, Mylapore, 6pm

May 28 - June 2, 2018

May 25, 2018
Naatya workshop for Arkodev Chatterjee, Kolkata.

April 9, 2018, 6.30pm
Saroja Vaidyanathan's Ganesha Naatyaalaya's 44th Anniversary - The Dhananjayans were honoured with SHRESHTA KALA PRACHAARAK AWARD  at Delhi Tamizh Sangam, Sector V, RK Puram, New Delhi.

April 7, 2018, 6.30pm
Celebrating 50 years of Bharata Kalanjali
Bharata Kalanjali presented a Bharatanatyam group performance
At: Spaces, Elliots Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai - 90.

April 5, 2018, 6.00pm
Celebrating 50 years of Bharata Kalanjali
Bharata Kalanjali presented an offering by the Natya group
At: Bharata Kalanjali, 6, Jeevarathnam Nagar, 1st street, Adyar, Chennai - 20. 

April 1, 2018, 6.15pm

Bharata Kalanjali presented Bharatanatyam performance by Uma Ayer
At: Spaces, Elliots Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai - 90

March 29, 2018
Presided over an Arangetram, Regatta, Thiruvananthapuram

March 25, 2018, 9.30am

Bharata Kalanjali presented Bharatanatyam performance by Sadhashi Baskar
Guest of honour: VAK Rangarao
At: Bharata Kalanjali, 6, Jeevarathnam Nagar, 1st street, Adyar, Chennai - 20

March 18, 2018, 10.15am

Bharata Kalanjali presented Dhakshina - Tribute to the Guru by Saarangka Thayaalan (Toronto, Canada), disciple of Shyama Thayaalan
At: Bharata Kalanjali, 6, Jeevarathnam Nagar, 1st street, Adyar, Chennai - 20

February 23, 2018
GANDHI - Satyajit's choreography in contemporary mode, Mumbai.

February 12, 2018
Narada Gana Sabha Annual day festival - Nritya Tarangini- Bharatanaatyam variety. by Bharatakalanjali artistes.

February 10, 2018
Inauguration of  Mayavaram Naatyaanajali Festival -2018. Shivaratri Utsavam.
Report & Photos

February 4, 2018

Payyanur Arts & Charitable Trust  honoured V.P.Dhananjayan

January 31, 2018
The Dhananjayans' performance at Dharwad (Mysore) for Karnataka Sangeeta Nritya Academy Festival 2018.

January 30, 2018

Shanta Dhananjayan & VP Dhananjayan received the life time achievement award from Rotary Club-Mitra  on 30th January 2018.  Hon. Minister for Culture  Dr. Pandia Rajan  and Hon Justice R.Subramanian gave away the awards.

January 20, 2018

The Dhananjayans received the Kerala goverment's NISHAGANDHI PURASKAR on 20th January 2018 at Thiruvananthapuram. It included a citation, Bharatamuni plaque and a cash prize of Rs.1.5 lakhs.

January 13, 2018, 5pm
The Dhananjayans as guests of honour for SIFAS's Music festival at Music academy, Mini hall. 

January 11, 2018, 2pm

Lecture/Demo by the Dhananjayans at Saarang 2018, IIT, Chennai

January 3, 2018

DIVYA DEVAGUPTAPU, Bharatakalanjali alumni and the prime disciple of The Dhananjayans adjudged and declared as the OUTSTANDING DANCER  in the  MUSIC ACADEMY MID YEAR DANCE FESTIVAL 2017. She was awarded the BEST BHARATANAATYAM ARTISTE of the year 2017 on the Academy's Naatya festival inaugural day on 3rd January 2018.

January 1, 2018, 4.00 pm

SUSHMITA RAJTILAK - Ilamayil Tiramai, Talent Promotion Festival, Sri Kishna Gaana Sabha, T.Nagar