Arangetrams of Nitya Muthat and Kannan Rasiah
on 14th and 15th August in Richmond and Yogaville
Kannan and Nitya were a raving success. The caliber of these NRI dancers, trained by Padma Rani Canto, a senior disciple of the Dhananjayans and resident teacher at FAS Yogaville must have been seen to be believed. Nitya with her Kerala background and theatrical training scored in her very communicative ‘abhinaya’ and dignified demur. With his wiry body and light leaps ‘dancing like a man’ – Kannan was an instantaneous click with young girls, as his namesake, the legendary Kannan. The two new items composed exclusively for him by Anna (Dhananjayan) were the choice of his grand mother Amma Rasiah ("Yadukulathilaka" a song sung by D.K. Pattammal in the movies of forties) and Shivaashtakam “Prabhum praana naatham” were refreshingly innovative in movements and moods.