Rasa presented LIGHT ON THE PATH, an enthralling offering of classical music and dance, featuring Dhananjayans (Dance), Anil Srinivasan (Piano), Sikhil Gurucharan (Vocal). on January 17, 2010
At: Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Road, Chetput, 6pm
An evening of visually sublime Music and Dance; an exotic blend of chaste tradition and refreshing entertainment.
    LIGHT ON THE PATH an epoch making event was a tremendous success in terms of a full house audience and the comments we received from a very discerning connoisseur audience.

    The varied comments and exclaims:
    " a divine experience"
    "got janma-saabhalyam" (obtained life's salvation)
    " brought tears in my eyes watching a soulful performance"
    "not experienced such an event in my life"
    are a few spontaneous comments from an uncommon Rasikas- who were not the usual Mylapore/Adyar crowd.

    "felt strange combination at the beginning, but as the performance progressed did not feel the absence of Mridangam and other Pakkavadyams"
    "should have had Nattuvangam and Mridamgam the least .... could not relish Piano music ..... but a good change for the ears and eyes..."
    "very slow moving, may be intellectuals can enjoy , not commoners ...."
    yet another commoner comments
    "....soooo elevating and enlightening , I just forget myself for 2 hours.... "

    These are a few comments that poured in after the performance from a not so familiar audience.
    There is a demand for repeat performance. Hope this happens soon.