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By Aruna. S / Chennai
Review featured in kutcheribuzz.com (News Round Up, November 19, 2004)

Spic Macay Programs

Arangetrams of Nitya Muthat and Kannan Rasiah on 14th and 15th August, in Richmond and Yogaville

Yogaville Gurukulam camp 2004

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Shanta and myself visited Bhaaskara (College of Fine Arts, now managed by Heritage India) for a week and we are happy to tell all our well wishers that the activities in the campus are progressing very well. Though the number of students are not in it’s full capacity, the quality of teaching is excellent and both Bharatanaatyam and Carnatic music students have fared very well in their respective subjects. Our senior disciple Smt.Vijayalaskhmi and her husband Hemanth are handling the Bharatanaatyam & theory classes excellently well and the students’ standard seems to be much higher than in any existing institutions in the country.

Carnatic music under Sri. Palakkad Ramanathan Bhagavatar has laid a solid foundation and now Vidwan Sri Srihari (M.A Music from Chittur College) has joined the faculty as residential teacher who would be able to guide the students full time in the Gurukulam tradition.

Mridangam Vidwan Sri. Krishna Kamath, a versatile artist with deep knowledge in Carnatic Vocal music as well, guides both dance and music students.

Dr. Gopalakrishnan, (Principal, Periyaram Medical College) a versatile musician, gives part time Veena lessons.

Experts in the respective subjects give students general education in English, Samskritam and religious studies. The newly appointed Principal Sri. Vishnu Namboodiri is a Professor of Economics.

With all these faculties functioning round the clock, discerning students have the full facility to imbibe and improve their chosen subject thoroughly.

During our short stay in the campus we took classes and gave necessary corrections to embellish the practical application to the students and the faculty members. We hope to continue this practice very often.

We are happy that, even in our absence things are moving quite satisfactorily, except that Bhaaskara needs more number of students and inflow of income to maintain the good standard.

Bhaaskara has started Odissi classes by Shashikant Nayak -a prime disciple of Smt. Kumkum Mohanthi (three girls and one boy are learning Odissi).

We found the campus reverberating with music and rhythm. The regular evening Bhajan adds a divine atmosphere to the campus life. Joining the human chorus are the parrots, lovebirds, pigeons. The small lake created to conserve rainwater is a sanctuary for many kinds of birds that visit to quench their thirst and have a dip in the evening. The sun set is a beautiful sight to enjoy.

Hope in due course the students number will pick up and the future generation of aspiring young artistes will find Bhaaskara college of Fine Arts the right place to learn the arts with a Gurukulam atmosphere and ambiance.

The Mudra Fest and Seminar was held for four days at Koothambalam, the traditional theatre hall in Kerala. There were performances by reputed artists of different dance disciplines and lecture demonstrations by senior teachers and dancers.

Nandini Ramani on the Qualitative lec-dem by V P Dhananjayan
"A very neat, crisp presentation, rich in content and quality, was offered by the renowned V. P. Dhananjayan on Choreography of Modern Themes in Bharatanatyam. "Sareeram Aadyam Khalu Dharma Saadhanam," quoted the speaker, at the outset, to emphasise that the goal of the individual body is to achieve the good and the higher values of life. While speaking of the glory of Bharatanatyam as that which can extend its territories, to adapt, and to adopt, he explained the need for interpreting new themes in the same idiom. As part of the demonstration, Dhananjayan presented a padam on traditional lines, composed by Sujatha Vijayaragahavan ("Neelakantare Vaarum") wherein the dancer could include contemporary ideas i to suit the content.

For the well-known text of 'Jungle Book' of Rudyard Kipling, a video clipping of Dhananjayan-Santha's choreography on traditional approach, was taken up for illustration. Using different forms of Indian dance, with the focus on Bharatanatyam, employing martial arts, and ballet all set to excellent music by Pandit Vijayaragahva Rao and his ensemble of varied Indian instruments, it came as a fitting finale to the lively lec-dem of Dhanajayan."
- Nandini Ramani, The Hindu, October 8, 2004

Bharatanaatyam dancer / Guru N.V. KRISHNAN Master (Founder Director, Bharatanjali, Payyanur ) one of the senior alumni of Bharatakalanjali has won the prestigious Kerala kalamandaam Puraskaram (Fellowship) 2004. Hearty congratulations to N.V.Krishnan and blessing from his Gurus, The Dhananjayans.

Krishnan has trained a number of excellent Bharatanatyam dancers in Kerala, including the famous actress Manju Warrier. Krishnan's students stood first in all Kerala youth festivals and competitions. The standard of Bharatanatyam in Kerala improved multifold after Krishnan came into the scene in Kerala. He is a well respected artiste who has already been decorated by the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy a few years ago.

by Trio sisters KAVITHA, MEERA & ANJANA ( Pathmaraja sisters of California)
The Dhananjayans have visualized the immortal work of Tiruvalluvar and the premier of this production will be held in Chennai some time in May/June 2005.

Prof. D. Pasupathi (Kalakshetra) Retired Principal, Music College, Tiruppati has very aptly set the music for this dance production and the audio CD of this dance music will be released soon for the International market. The Trio sisters wish to donate the proceeds from the CD sale and performances to charitable organizations supporting the cause of children’s welfare. For more details contact Dr. & Mrs. Pathmaraja email: pat42801@aol.com or pathmame@gse.harvard.edu

Article –Interview featured in The Michigan State Newspaper, The Daily Oakland Press
Couple promote classical dance
Web-posted Jul 5, 2004
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a report of Dhananjayans Lec-Dem On The art of living with a living Art
held at Hindu Temple, Canton, MI on June 27,2004