Book Title: BEYOND PERFORMING: ART & CULTURE (Politico-Social Aspects)
Author: V P Dhananjayan, Bharatanaatyam exponent and Guru, founder president, Bharatakalanjali, Adyar, Chennai.

On Dec 5, 2006, His Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu Shri Surjit Singh Barnala released the book at a special function at Raj Bhavan, Guindy. This book is edited by Dhananjayans' senior disciple Tulsi Badrinath and published by BR Rhythms, New Delhi. Dhananjayan's earlier book 'Dhananjayan on Indian Classical Dances' was also published by BRR and this has gone in for 3 editions. Success of this book prompted Dhananjayan to launch the present publication.

'Beyond performing: art & culture' contains various articles not only on art & culture matters, but also political and social aspects. An interesting attraction in the book is the cartoons on arts and social issues by late Sarathy. Dhananjayan's concern for the welfare of society and peaceful co-existence - both artistically and politically are very much evident and his forthright suggestions to Government and public agencies are thought provoking points. Cho Ramaswamy has written the foreword to this book.

The book is Priced @Rs.1195.00 available B.R.Rhythms, email: info@brrhythms.com

An artist's perspective of social issues
By H. Ramakrishnan
The Hindu, Book Review, Feb 06, 2007

BHARAT KALACHAR has honored Shanta & Dhananjayan - the Bharatanaatyam dance couple - with the award and title "VISWAKALA BHARATI" on the inaugural day of their annual December Art festival, 2006. The US Consul General Mr. David Hopper presided and presented the award to the couple. Mrs. Hopper was the guest of honor for the function. This award was given in recognition of The Dhananjayans' service to promote Indian Art & culture abroad, spanning four decades. Mr.
Y.G.Mahendra, Secretary, Bharatkalachar described them as the most deserving artistes of rare merit and there is none parallel to them as far as knowledge of the art field is concerned.

The award carries a silver medal and Rs.10000/- (Ten thousand) cash. The other luminaries who received various titles and awards - Vyjayanthimala, Sowkar Janaki, Sudharani Raghupathi, Poornam Viswanathan and several artists from the field of Carnatic music, Bharatanaatyam, Cinema, drama and theatre.
Natyanjali and IASA (Indian Association of San Antonio) jointly honored Dhananjayan and Shanta with the title of 'NATYAACHARYA' in recognition of their services in the propagation of the classical Indian performing arts traditions. The honorable title was conferred upon the Dhananjayans on the occasion of the Natyanjali Dance Festival, San Antonio, TX, in collaboration with IASA, which presented the theatrical production 'Ekantha Seetha' choreographed by The Dhananjayans and produced by the Cleveland Cultural Alliance on Saturday, November 11, 2006.
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This event took place at the Jo Long Performing Arts Theater of the Carver Cultural Center where the Dhananjayans gave their very first performance in San Antonio, TX, 20 plus years ago. The Dhananjayans also conducted their very first Bharatanatyam workshop in San Antonio under the auspices of Natyanjali Center for Performing Arts founded by Bana Ramanath. On the occasion, while Bana Ramanath read the citation, Mr. Saumil Shah, president of IASA presented the plaque to a standing ovation by the audience.

Guru V P Dhananjayan received the honor while Guru Shanta was not present on the occasion. On behalf of IASA, Mr. Saumil Shah also presented a plaque to Natyanjali for Outstanding Services to the Community in: Cultural Ambassadorship, Arts Education and Community Involvement.
Vijayadasami Vidyaarambham function 2006
Bharatakalanjali Vijayadasami Vidyaarambham function was held on 2nd October with usual verve and serenity.

In the absence of The Dhananjayans, (touring in the US and Canada) Sumathi Sriram and Sandhya Murali conducted the Vidyaarambham very efficiently under the able guidance of aunty Kamakshi Gopi.

Satyajit, Anupama and the young Samarth (Satyajit' son) also actively participated in the Pooja.
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Ekaantha Seetha... a lonely furrow
Cleveland Cultural Alliance presented its latest production EKAANTHA SEETHA...A LONELY FURROW. It is a dance drama that is a celebration of women from epic to present times- in admiration of their courage, grace under fire and their rising to challenges.
Choreography by the Dhananjayans, Music by TV Gopalakrishnan
The dance drama was premiered on Sept 11 and 12, 2006 at the Music Academy prior to its tour of North America in the fall of 2006.
September 11, 2006 Free performance at The Music Academy
September 12, 2006 at The Music Academy, 7.00 pm

Details of the production, reviews & photo album.

Tour of the production involving about 16 highly skilled dancers - USA & Canada from September 21 - November 19, 2006.
View Itinerary: http://www.thehorizons.com/cca/currentitineraryevent.htm

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The Dhananjayans were honoured by the International Dance Alliance (IDA) on the occasion of their 20th anniversary celebrations. The US Council General Mr. David Hopper presented the award, while Mr. N.Ram Chief Editor, The Hindu presided. On 15th August 2006, the Dhananjayans performed segments from their Dance drama Sanghamitra.