February 28 - March 9, 2008 Chennai
Besant Nagar Varasiddhi Vinayakar Koil Satsangam presented NAATYOTSAVAM 2008 in memory of Rukmini Devi Arundale

28-02-08 (Thursday)
6 to 7 pm: ANUSHA & NARENDRAKUMAR (Well known and established Bharatanaatyam couple - disciples of the Dhananjayans- who run their own institute & performing group called ANUSHAM . Their group productions are well known for their choreographic skills.

7.15 to 8.30 pm: MANJARI CHANDRASEKHAR (Daughter and senior disciple of Prof. & Smt. C.V. Chandrasekhar, known for her precision and perfection. Her creative and scholarly depiction of traditional Bharatanaatyam solo items or new concepts are praised by connoisseurs.

29-02-08 (Friday)
6 to 7 pm: LAVANYA RAGHURAMAN (Endowed with beauty and charm and in depth inherited musical virtuosity she stands out in the younger generation of Bharatanaatyam artists. A product of the Singapore Fine Arts Society under Kalakshetra alumni Girish Panikkar, Lavanya enlarged her talents under the Dhananjayans)

7 to 8.15 pm: TULSI BADRINATH (A senior most disciple of The Dhananjayans is an experienced performer with consummate understanding of the idiom of communication through her Bharatanaatyam Abhinaya)

01-03-08 (Saturday)
6 to 7 pm: MAYA VINAYAN (Mohiniaattam) (A multi talented dancer of rare merit' who could perform Bharatanaatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniaattam with equal proficiency)

7.15 to 8.30 pm: SURYANARAYANA MURTHY (A faculty member in Kalakshetra made a name for himself as one of the prime disciples of the Dhananjayans. A dancer of extraordinary talent and scholarship has trained several good students)

02-03-08 (Sunday)
6 to 7 pm: GOPUKIRAN (A faculty member in the Dhananjayans' Bharatakalanjali Gopukiran had his initial training under Smt. Girija Chandran. He has MA degree in Bharatanaatyam with distinction from the Madras University. Several years of training under The Dhananjayans and performing in their productions made him a well sought after Bharatanaatyam artiste.

7.15 TO 8.30 pm: Trayee RADHIKA'S GROUP (Eldest of the famous Trio sisters of Shastri nagar, Adyar, Radhika explores new pastures to take Bharatanaatyam to the commoners through her visual media presentations, yet keeping her identity of long years of training with the Dhananjayans adhering to the strict discipline of the classical tradition.

03-03-08 (Monday)
6 to 7 pm: PRITHVIJA BALAGOPAL (Daughter & disciple of a living legend Prof. Balagopal of Kalakshetra Prithwija is Post graduate from Kalakshetra and accredited as one of the best up and coming Bharatanaatyam dancer)

7.15 TO 8.30 pm: HARIHARAN & PRAMILA (Both Kalakshetra graduates running their own institute 'Abhinaya Nirtha Patasala'. Having learned and worked under the Dhananjayans this couple owe a great allegiance to them)

04-03-08 (Tuesday)
6 To 7 pm: VIJINARANI VASUDEVAN (A young vibrant dancer of very impressive performance of both Nritta and Abhinaya.
A senior student in Bharatakalanjali, is considered a promise of the future.)

7.15 TO 8.30 pm: GAYATRI BALAGURUNATHAN (Daughter and disciple of the legendary late Krishnaveni Lakshmanan who has imbibed all the great qualities of her mother as an exemplary performer)

05-03-08 (Wednesday)
6 TO 7 pm: SHAFEEKUDEEN (Bharatanaatyam M.A graduate of the Madras University and disciple of The Dhananjayans is considered as one of the best Bharatanaatyam dancers in Chennai and he is being invited to take part in group productions of eminent Gurus in lead roles)

7.15 TO 8.30 pm: SHOBANA BALCHANDER (One of the senior most disciples of the Dhananjayans and one of the Trio sisters- Radhika-Gayatri-Shobana- has made a mark for herself as a soloist. She has been giving solo Bharatanaatyam performance all around the globe and her solo thematic presentations have been very well received at home and abroad)

06-03-08 (Thursday)
6 to 7 pm: SHEEJIT NAMBIAR (A brilliant Bharatanaatyam dancer from the portals of Kalakshetra has caught the attention of Chennai connoisseurs not only as soloist but also as creative choreographer who plays lead role in Kalakshetra dance dramas.)

7.15 To 8.30 pm: DIVYA SIVASUNDAR (A charming performer of a rare caliber not seen in many Bharatanaatyam dancers. Clean and chiseled postures with sensitive expressions of depth and communication. One of the best Bharatanaatyam dancers from Bharatakalanjali)

07-03-08 (Friday)
6 To 7 pm: PRAMILA RAMESH (A senior alumni of Bharatakalanjali is an excellent performer and teacher very well established in Muscat (UAE). A true torch bearer of the Dhananjayan legacy, she is totally dedicated to the cause of promoting Indian art & culture among the Indian immigrants in the Middle east.)

7.15 pm: GANGA THAMBI (A senior faculty member in Kalakshetra Ganga is a connoisseurs delight. She is a performer par excellence with experience of taking lead roles in Kalakshetra productions)

6 To 7 pm: YASODA K.P (A Kalakshetra Post graduate and connoisseurs delight, is an exemplary performer of a refined nature. Her crisp and clear body line of Kalakshetra training is further enhanced by her long association and working with the Dhananjayans in Bharatakalanjali)

7.15 TO 8.30 pm: VIJAYALAKSHMI & HEMANT (Hemanth a disciple of Dr. Vasundhara Doraiswamy of Mysore and Vijayalakshmi a disciple of the Dhananjayans are a rare combination of Mysore and Madras styles of Bharatanaatyam. A dedicated couple serving the rural area with their impressive performances and teaching of Bharatanaatyam)

09-03-08 (Sunday)
Felicitation to all participating artistes, followed by lunch from 11 am to 1 noon.


Besant Nagar Sri Varasiddhi Vinayakar Satsang group has been encouraging and patronizing professional performing artistes for many years now. This is fifth consecutive years we have been conducting this very well attend Naatya festival.

This year it was under the direct supervision and selection by NAATYAACHAARYA V.P.DHANANJAYAN that the best of Bharatanaatyam established artistes and promise of the future professionals participated in this unique Naatyotsava exclusively chosen from the Dhananjayans' Bharatakalanjali and Kalakshetra alumni.

The existing mediocrity in performing arts is hampering the growth of professionalism and the connoisseurs of Chennai were happy to witness good standard traditional Bharatanaatyam Maargam in this festival.

For further information contact: Sri. S. Srinivasan
Convener & Trustees of Varasidhhi Vinayakar Koil, Besant Nagar, Adyar, Chennai. 20
Phone: Srinivasan: 24464062(Off) / 24914972 (Res)