Thiruk-Kural Bharatam

THIRUK -KURAL in Bharatanaatyam choreographed by the Dhananjayans & performed by Kavitha, Meera, Anjana from USA.

Produced by: Dr. Pathmarajah & Vasundra Pathmarajah
Performed by: Pathmaraja Sisters-Kavitha,Meera & Anjana ( LA, USA)
Resource person: Dr. S. Raghuraman (Tamizh Professor, Jain college)
Music composer: Prof. D. Pasupathi (Retd Principal S.V.College of music, Tirupathi)
Bharatanaatyam choreography: Shanta & Dhananjayan
Lighting design & Photography: C.P.Satyajit

Participating musicians:
Prof. D. Pasupathi, N. Sasidaran & Preeti Mahesh (Singing)
Shanta Dhananjayan (Voice and nattuvangam)
R. Vedakrishnan (Mridangam)
S.Sundar (Tabla/Ganjira)
Sowrirajan (Tavil & other effects)
Lakshminarayan (Tambura)
R.Kalaiarasan & Vijayaraghavan (Violin)
S.Sunilkumar (Flute)
T.Bhavani Prasad (Veena)
T.Murugavel (Nadaswaram)
CD recording at: Sangeetha Recording Studio (Master Recording Co, Kodambakkam)
Sound Engineer: Y.Radhakrishnan

Thirukkural - is said to have been written about 2000 years ago by saint Thiruvalluvar.

The work talks about ethical values of an individual and his relationship with the society. It proves beyond cast, creed, language and religion, thus making itself truly secular in its content. The work includes 133 chapters comprising of 1330 couplets. It has been proved that there is no literature in Tamizh without the influence or impact of this great treatise. Thirukkural is indeed a treasure for all time.

Prof. D. Pasupathi
Kalakshetra D.Pasupathi, one of the senior most musicians, is probably the most experienced and versatile music composer for 'Naatya' (dance theatre). He has worked with great composers like Tiger Varadachari, Mysore Vasudevachar, Veena Krishnamachari, Papanasam Sivan and Turaiyur Rajagopala Sarma for Kalakshetra dance dramas. His own monumental music score for Kalakshetra's Panchali-sabadam and several other songs of exemplary classical pieces for Bharatanatyam earned him high praise. Thiruk-kural, being very sensitive and difficult verses in Tamizh, a most challenging work of tuning them in systematic Carnatic Taala patterns and Bhaava laden melodies could be handled only by a great musician like him. His other dance drama compositions include "Gurorashtakam" and Godaa-Govindam".

Prof. Dr.S. Raghuraman
Tamizh Professor in A.M.Jain College, Chennai, the resource person for the Thirukkural production of the Dhananjayans (Bharatakalanjali) is a highly respected and sought after scholar and teacher in teh true sense of the word, who shares his knowledge liberally with his students and knowledge seekers. Apart from his usual University connected research guidance work at home and abroad, he has involved himself in helping Bharatanatyam dancers to find new pastures of literary areas to explore and create interesting and refreshing presentations.

Kavitha, Meera and Anjana Pathmarajah are steeped in culture, though born and brought up in USA. From childhood they evinced keen interest in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music and their parents Dr. & Mrs.Pathmarajah spare no efforts to pursue their interest. They have established themselves as accomplished Bharatanatyam artists. With experience ofperforming and participating in several dance productions and also learning from legendary gurus, the sisters launched their ambitious production of Thirukkural with the lofty ideals of collecting funds to contribute to social and charitable causes in their homeland, Srilanka.

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