Divine experience
Dear, dear Shantha and Dhananjayan

What an exquisite, divine experience it was ! As Radha and Madhava, you literally transported me to Brindavan ! I have seen Jayadeva's Ashtapathi, done by innumerable, famous dancers ! Their stress was on romance and a touch of eroticism ! But you both exalted it into a heavenly experience, and yet, I could identify myself as Radha as she goes through the pangs of jealousy, anger and frustration, and yet so delicately you handled the situation with masterful strokes of apparent, remorse, and finally when you pleaded with her, to place her feet on your head, and Radha's immediate surrender, all her possessive love turning to bhakthi.

You brought tears to my eyes ! What great, expressive artistes you both are! Without swerving from the purity and chastity of Bhaaratha Natyam, you made us realize how we the Jeevatmas long to possess Him, the Paramatma, because He is not there exclusively for you ! And yet when you call, He comes with all love and compassion and surrenders to you ! All our Alwars
speak of this Saranagathi thatva, for the Jeevatma, while He is longing to surrender to you !

Your costumes, your gestures, every nuance of expression as you and Shantha, react to each other, were so natural, that there was no need for words to understand !

I consider it my Poorva Janma Punya, to have seen, experienced, enjoyed and sublimate through your Nrithya, Natya, Bhava, gentle yet firm jathis and thank that amorous Krishna, for giving me this capacity to be your Rasika!

Do continue your great service to elevate the masses, to reach classy and delicious heights of ecstasy through your divine performances.

I only wish Satyajit, will come back to dance, to perpetuate and inherit the immortal legacy he is inheriting !

I'm writing this note, at 2.30 a.m. as I am unable to sleep after that transcendental experience !

God Bless you both and all your disciples !

Love and Blessings
Dr.(Mrs) Y.G.Parthasarathy