The Biennial Convention of Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA) held in Washington DC
- Report from Washington DC

The Biennial Convention of Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA) was held in Washington DC at Hyatt Regency Crystal City on 1st July under the Chairmanship of Dr.M.G.Menon, a well known and respected Cultural activist for several decades in the capital. Nearly 1000 delegates from all over USA congregated at the venue with family members. A gala affair started off with traditional Kerala ritualistic drums and customary rituals and procession watched by awestruck Americans watching with enthusiastic applause.

The galaxy of VVIPS and VIPS from both homeland Kerala and America adorned the aesthetically decorated arena. Representatives of Hindu Religious Organisations and many scholarly Swamijis gave talks, debates on Hindu religion during the 3 days of seminars, lectures and cultural enlightening entertainments. It was heartening to see a lot of youngsters -both boys and girls taking part in such events and contributing their support to Hindu religion.

The famed Kerala couple Dhananjayans (Bharatanaatyam) performed on the inaugural day and were awarded with a plaque of honour for their contribution and life time achievements.

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