Reports on Sri Krishna Gana Sabha's 30th annual Naatya Kala Conference (NKC) convened by Shanta Dhananjayan from Dec 26-31, 2010
* http://natyakalaconference.blogspot.com/2010/12/day-one-bharata-naatyam.html
* http://www.narthaki.com/info/rev10/rev968.html
- Lalitha Venkat, www.narthaki.com
* Sculpting Kuchipudi
- Tulsi Badrinath, The Hindu, Arts - Dance, December 29, 2010
* The gruelling training of a Kathakali artist
- Tulsi Badrinath, The Hindu, Arts - Dance, December 29, 2010
* Reviving Odissi with a focus on the classical
- Tulsi Badrinath, The Hindu, Arts - Dance, December 28, 2010
* 30th Natyakala Conference begins
- Tulsi Badrinath, The Hindu, Arts - Dance, December 26, 2010
* Diverse styles
Excerpts from an interview
Vidya Saranyan, The Hindu, Arts - Dance, December 23, 2010

Vibrant with male power
Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu, 30 Dec 2010
Guru Dhananjayan led the team with his sensitive abhinaya

The introduction of Margazhi Utsav pages is a fantastic idea , kudos to the Hindu for this brilliant idea. Enjoy reading them every bit. Especially in today's page Lakshmi Viswanthan's article is an absolutely fantastic article and she not only brought the dream of every artiste alive, but also serves as an eye-opener for our festival organisers, corporate houses who waste money on junk entertainments. An idea can change your life. Lakshmi has given it, is there anybody to take it forward?
- VP Dhananjayan in response to article by Lakshmi Viswanathan in The Hindu, Arts - Dance - In their own voice, 31 Dec, 2010

This refers to the article “A peep into the economics of the Chennai music and dance Season” (Dec. 23). I wish to congratulate the writer and The Hindu on allotting space to a genuine issue of art administration. Patrons of art should take the responsibility of funding and presenting professional artists, giving them respect and remuneration. Let the artists do their job well and allow the rest to be handled by patrons.

All display of talent is not art in itself and all talented persons are not artists. But the one issue that touches the heart of a connoisseur is art and artists practising such art should be given opportunities, especially during the Season, and remunerated adequately.
- VP Dhananjayan in response to article "A peep into the economics of the Chennai music and dance Season" in The Hindu, Arts - Dance - 23 Dec, 2010

PARINAAMAM, a new production in the Bharatanaatyam idiom
jointly produced and presented by KALAABHAASKARA (Reunion Island) and BHARATAKALANJALI
Photo Gallery

A newpsaper reivew in french

Stamp of authenticity
Interview by Anjana Rajan
The Dhananjayans on the state of the dance art
The Hindu, Friday Review, Delhi, Oct 22, 2010

Battle for beauty
The Hindu, Friday Review, Delhi, Jun 18, 2010

In step with the times
By Jyothi Raghuram, Expressbuzz.com

Kaladi Sri Sankara College of Music and Dance - 4th Annual Naatya & Sangeetotsavam 2010

Report by Pavitra Srinivasan

Appetite for art
by Anjana Rajan
The Hindu, Metro Plus Delhi, Thursday, Mar 04, 2010
Shanta and V.P. Dhananjayan are equals on stage, but in cooking, he stakes claim as the guru!

Divine experience
by Dr.(Mrs) Y.G.Parthasarathy
You brought tears to my eyes ! What great, expressive artistes you both are!

The Dhananjayans honoured in South Africa

Operatic twist to devotion
Vidya Saranyan, The Hindu, Friday Review, Friday, Mar 05, 2010
The splendid performance of V.P. Dhananjayan and his group brought alive the story of Nandanar on stage, as part of Natyanjali fest.

Bhava Sankramana

A mesmerising cultural voyage
Star of Mysore, Feb 09, 2010

G.D. Birla award for Dhananjayans
Special Correspondent
- The Hindu, Saturday, Feb 06, 2010

Contemplative fare
by Rupa Srikanth
- The Hindu, Friday Review, Feb 05, 2010

A beautiful collaboration
by Chitra Visweswaran
- Express buzz, Jan 31, 2010

Rasa presented LIGHT ON THE PATH, an enthralling offering of classical music and dance, featuring Dhananjayans (Dance), Anil Srinivasan (Piano), Sikhil Gurucharan (Vocal).
At: Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Road, Chetput, 6pm
An evening of visually sublime Music and Dance; an exotic blend of chaste tradition and refreshing entertainment.
    LIGHT ON THE PATH an epoch making event was a tremendous success in terms of a full house audience and the comments we received from a very discerning connoisseur audience. The varied comments and exclaims:

    " a divine experience"
    "got janma-saabhalyam" (obtained life's salvation)
    " brought tears in my eyes watching a soulful performance"
    "not experienced such an event in my life"
    are a few spontaneous comments from an uncommon Rasikas- who were not the usual Mylapore/Adyar crowd.

    "felt strange combination at the beginning, but as the performance progressed did not feel the absence of Mridangam and other Pakkavadyams"
    "should have had Nattuvangam and Mridamgam the least .... could not relish Piano music ..... but a good change for the ears and eyes..."
    "very slow moving, may be intellectuals can enjoy , not commoners ...."

    yet another commoner comments
    "....soooo elevating and enlightening , I just forget myself for 2 hours.... "

    These are a few comments that poured in after the performance from a not so familiar audience.

    There is a demand for repeat performance. Hope this happens soon.
    Comments & Photographs of the show

Art should be an integral part of education: V.P. Dhananjayan
- The Hindu, Saturday, Jan 23, 2010
Vocalist Sudha Raghunathan and S. Abhaya Kumar, Director, Shasun Chemicals and Drugs Ltd were also present at the inauguration of Kala Utsav of SSS Shasun Jain College for Women in Chennai on Friday.