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Why universities are not able to groom performing artists
- The Times of India (Chennai), Dec 05 2016
V P Dhananjayan Plans Overhaul Of Learning As Dean Of Performing Arts At Annamalai Varsity

Refreshing revival
- V.V.Ramani, The Hindu, 14 Oct 2016
Artists revisit their past work, either to give it a relevant interpretation or reproduce the original to introduce it to a new generation of viewers. Choosing the latter path, Dhananjayan’s Bharatakalanjali performed ‘Kaadhal Valli Kanda Murugan,’ which was premièred in 1975, at Rukmini Arangham, Kalakshetra, to commemorate the 108th birth anniversary of Periyasami Thooran, who had penned the story and lyrics.

Kaadhal Valli Kanda Murugan (Review)
- V Ravikumar,, 6 Oct 2016

Bharatakalankali pay rich tributes through "Kaadal Valli kanda Murugan"
- Aroct Road Talk, Oct 2016

Arpita Bose, The Times of India (Chennai), Aug 07 2016

SATHI-KAMALA HALL, the Naatyamandapam of Shyamala Surendran’s Dharani

A report in Malayala Manorama (Sunday 29th May 2016)
KANDETHAL (In search of) - Dhananjayan acted in a Malayalam movie, slated to be released with tax exemption. Content of the film is philosophical, an art movie about a lost child.

Melattur wears festive colours
- Jagyaseni Chatterjee, The Hindu, 26 May 2016

Padma privilege, a necessity
- VP Dhananjayan, The Times of India, 27 May 2016

Association of Bharatanaatyam artistes of India (ABHAI) celebrated it's 29th founders day on 1st May at Krishna Gana Sabha in association  with Utsav and Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. On the occasion, Abhai honoured The Dhananjayans with the Naatya-kalaanidhi and ace Bharatanaatyam singer Smt. Radha Badri with Gandharva Nipuna and Sri. A.Lakshmanaswamy  with Nartaka-nipuna. Hon Sri. M.K.Narayanan (former Governor of West Bengal) gave away the awards and gave an enlightening short presidential address highlighting the importance of performing arts like Bharatanaatyam in today's fast life and society at large.  The amazing feature of the event was a full compliment of rasikas gathered cheering the awardees who richly deserve such recognition. Dhananjayan in his hurried acceptance speech complimented Mr. Churchil Pandian (Founder of Utsav ) for his special skill in attracting crowd for such events by presenting very interesting caliber artistes of other disciplines of performing arts such as Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi etc. apart from Bharatanaatyam.

(The pictures provided by Chella Vaidyanathan gives a section of the audience on 1st May at SKGS & a group photo of the awardees with the Abhai working team)

The same day at Kapaaleeswarar Koil The Dhananjayans received yet another award "Naatyaachaarya Shiromani"  instituted by Saraswathi Education/cultural & Charitable Trust. The inaugural day of the Vasanth Utsav 2016 (an annual art festival geared up by Smt. CK.Gariyalai(IAS) ) saw a sea of Bhaktas -Rasikas gathered at the Mandapam.  Hon Sri. Gopalakrishna Gandhi (Former Governor and former Chairman Kalakshetra) inaugurated the festival and gave away the awards to Shanta & Dhananjayan and seven other scholars, historians and artistes.(Refer the invitation for names)   The award function was preceded by a short Bharatanaatyam by Pushkala Gopal's disciple Uma Vekatraman from London. She did an item specially composed by Smt. Shanta Dhananjayan on Karpagambal -the celebrated song by Yaazhpaanam Veeramani Iyer (Karpakavalli nin)  and Dhananjayan in his thanks giving talk mentioned that  the poet Veeramani Iyer first sang the song for her approval while he was in Kalakshetra in the 1955-58 period. Iyer was then a Bhaatanaatyam & Kathakali student learning along with the Dhananjayans.

Young brigade to the fore
- Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu, May 12, 2016

- Nandita Ravi, The Times of India, Chennai, Apr 18 2016

 SEPIA CITY | ADYAR - Pastoral Adyar of yore was a haven for arts
- Arpita Bose, The Times of India (Chennai), 8 April 2016

The Dhananjayans were the chief guests for the Laasyotsava festival in Chennai at Rani Seethai Hall on 19th March 2016

Honour for Bharatham Mahalingam
- The Hindu, April 1, 2016
 Bharatham R. Mahalingam (Mali) who heads the Melattur Bhagavata Mela Vidya Sangam, Thanjavur received the DakshinaChitra Virudhu from well-known Bharatnatyam dancer, choreographer and teacher V.P. Dhananjayan.

A traditionalist who showed the way in art education
- VP Dhananjayan, The Times of India, February 22, 2016

Suryakala in association with the ARTery presented first in the series of Creative Talks & Performances bhaava haava: Nuances of Creative abhinaya by The Dhananjayans on February 1, 2016 at Ragasudha Hall, Chennai....View invite

Webcast of lectures
Designing Jathis and Creative Nritta - Sheejith Krishna
Bhaava Haava - The Dhananjayans

Brahma Gana Sabha honours artists
- The Hindu, Down Town, January 10, 2016

Under the sway of rhythm
- Lalithaa Krishnan, The Hindu, January 7, 2016
V.P. Dhananjayan along with Sadanam Harikumar presented a unique ensemble on Mela Padam