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A Dancing Affair

- Gayathri Menon, Hindustan Times, Mumbai, May 22, 2019

Second edition of GVRNK's monthly newsletter "Acharya Devo Bhava" which speaks about the "Evolution of Parampara", how a tradition is formed, nurtured, enhanced and passed on through generations.

Renaming pieces in the Bharatanatyam margam
- VP Dhananjayan, The Hindu, 7 Feb 2019

Response to Srividya Natarajan's interview on 'The Undoing Dance'
- VP Dhananjayan,, 12 Jan 2019

'Nritya Kalanidhi' conferred on Shanta Dhananjayan
- The Hindu, 4 Jan 2019

'Nritya Kalanidhi' conferred on Shanta Dhananjayan
- Times of India, 4 Jan 2019

Putting the best food forward - The Dhananjayans explain why classical dance will continue to thrive in India
- Financial Express, December 21, 2018

Nrithyakalakeli International Classical Dance Festival, Dubai

The Dhananjayans’ Dance Academy Bharata Kalanjali Celebrates Their Golden Jubilee
October 2, 2018:  Bharata Kalanjali (BK), the dance academy run by the legendary dance couple VP Dhananjayan and Shantha Dhananjayan celebrated their golden jubilee “Swarna Samarohanam” today at Sir Venkata Subba Rao Auditorum, Chennai.

It was a day-long celebration of “Natya” with several Bharata Kalanjali alumni and students presenting solo and group performances.

“Nritya Tarangini” a special dance production presented by the Bharata Kalanjali alumni and students showcased the journey of the dance school in these 50 years. This was followed by an award ceremony where musicians, dancers, technicians and make-up artists, who have been part of the BK family, were recognized for their contribution to BK’s journey and the performing arts.

Veteran exponent to for Bharatnatyam Vyjayanthi Mala Bali and Former Minster for Education and Cultural Affairs (Kerala), MA Baby were the guests of honour for the evening.


Report in Malayalam Kalakamudi

Celebration time
- The Hindu, Friday Review, Sep 28, 2018

City that's high on cluture
Me & My Chennai, Times of India, Sep 24, 2018

Naadhabrahmam to honour star couple
The Hindu, Sep 21, 2018

Eminent Classical Dancers SHANTHA DHANANJAYAN and DHANANJAYAN share their #MemoriesWithDD on the occasion of 59th Foundation Day

Dancing one step ahead of tradition for five decades
Conviction, Curiosity At Core Of The Dhananjayans
-, 13 Sep 2018

Sep 9 - Sep 15, 2018
Sep 2 - Sep 8, 2018
Aug 19 - Aug 25, 2018
Aug 5 - Aug 11, 2018
Jul 29 - Aug 4, 2018

Those who dance together stay together
-  Suanshu Khurana, The Indian Express, September 2, 2018

Soaked in devotion
- Tapati Chowdurie, The Hindu, Aug 17, 2018

- Article by V.P.Dhananjayan

TALK BACK, The Times Of India, Chennai, 15 August 2018

'Artists need funding and patronage'
Celebrated Bharatanatyam exponents, Vannadil Pudiyaveettil Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan, known as the Dhananjayans, were in the capital to perform at Kamani Auditorium on August 11.  
Medha Dutta, The New Indian Express, 12 August 2018

Do not make the art a tool to promote your "self"- Dhananjayans
Legendary dancing couple of India Dhananjayans share their dance journey
- Tapati Chowdhurie, ClassicalClaps, Kolkata, August 10, 2018

The beauty of Chennai is that everybody comes here for the Margazhi festival: Dhananjayans
- Ashish Ittyerah Joseph, Times of India, 9 July 2018

"Be a Bharatiya.  Not Indian but Bharatiya.  Embrace everybody in oneness."

Interview with the Dhananjayans
- Shriya Dasgupta, The Telegraph in Schools, Jul 9-15, 2018

Delving deep into aesthetics
Bharatnatyam gurus Shantha and VP Dhanajayan conducted an edifying workshop where intricate nuances of the dance form were expertly etched.
- Tapati Chowdhurie, The Statesman, June 9, 2018

The Dhananjayans' steps to excellence
- V.V. Ramani, The Hindu, May 17, 2018

Mayura Naatyaanjali festival (Sivaratri festival) under the auspices of Saptaswarangal Arakattalai -Mayiladuthurai(Mayavaram) was held in 'Mayuranathar Aalayam (big temple) on 10th February 2018. Naatyaachaarya V.P.Dhananjayan inaugurated the 12th year Naatyaanjali festival presided by Honourable Justice R. Subrahmaniam (Chennai High Court). Dhananjayan opened the inaugural function by performing "Naatyaanjali" a Bharatanaatyam opening item composed in 1968 and obliging to the public request he performed a Padam 'varugalaamo ayya' from Nandanar Charitam of Gopalakrishna Bhaarati.
The event was not a planned one (extempore) Dhananjayan sought the help of available accompanists there. Kum.Samanyutha Sasidharan and her mother sang Naatyaanjali and did Nattuvangam competently and Vidwan Gomathinayakam sang the Padam Varugalamo Ayya, just following the 'Abhinaya' of Dhananjayan on the spot.  Vidwan Viswanathan accompanied on Mridangam competently and the big crowd of rasikas assembled applauded enthusiastically.
The Mayura Naatyaanjali organisation honoured Dhananjayan with the title 'MAYURA NRITYA SAAGARAM '

‘In whatever form, work is worship’
- Ambili Ramnath, The Hindu, Thiruvananthapuram, January 25, 2018

Adorable Padma-Winning Couple Has Been Dancing Together for over 50 Years
- Anakha Arikara,, January 25, 2018
VP Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan are recognised as one of the most legendary ‘natya’ couples in India, with a long, illustrious career spanning more than five decades

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