Sivakami and Krishnakumar, students of Natyaachaarya Dhananjayans, performed on 30th June, 2013  at Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The performance was titled “Yugmanatyam” and was done with a live orchestra.

The program began with Sthuthi Pancharathnam by A Lakshman followed by Bho Shambho. Sivakami and Krishnakumar performed Radhika Shurajit’s “Aarupadai Veedamarndha Aarumuga” as a Nrithyopaharam. The second half began with Sivakami performing a javali taught by Shanta Akka, “E Ra”. Krishnakumar followed with one of Dhananjayan's signature pieces “Varugalaamo”. The highlight of the evening was Radha Madhavam, a piece that has come to epitomize the Dhananjayans.

Dhananjayan gave a short speech complimenting Radhika Shurajit for preparing this couple for a good performance  and also appealing all parents to encourage boys also to learn Naatyam which will enhance their brain and discipline their body and mind, leading to good healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually.  Unfortunately the parents deny the boys opportunities to develop their artistic and cultural talents. He also complimented the local musicians who have migrated from mother land and continue their art with aplomb. Visiting dancer cum musician Krithika Shurajit from Chennai  and her father Shurajit  a resident in the US  accompanied the Krishnakumars on vocal  and G.S.Rajan from Delhi (a visiting flutist)  along with Papanasam K.Gokul on violin and Santosh Chandru on Mridangam (both employed in the US)  gave excellent  support  which elevated the performance to a high professional level. Radhika Shurajit conducted the performance along with her Guru Shanta Dhananjayan.

Santosh Chandru (mridangam) Radhika Shurajit (nattuvangam), Shanta Dhananjayan, 
Krithika Shurajit (singing), Shurajit Gopal (singing) Papanasam K Gokul (violin)  G.S.Rajan (flute)

The day before the program, a reception was held where students and parents of Bharata Kalarpana, School of Indian Culture and Fine Arts got to spend some time with the Dhananjayans. VPD spoke to the students of the school and answered their questions describing how he learned dance, what was their favorite part of dance and  so on. VPD  also spent some time showing students different facial expressions. All gathered especially enjoyed the distinction that he showed between a lion and a tiger. The Dhanajayans  graciously signed a few copies of “Master of the Arts” by Tulsi Badrinath.

They blessed the children and their parents who were so thrilled to meet the celebrities.