April 22 - May 6 2007  
Bharatakalanjali jointly with Bhaaskara Art & Education Trust had conducted a Bharatanaatyam training camp at Bhaaskara campus in Payyanur Kerala. After 3 years, The Dhananjayans have revived the summer camp with great success. Nearly 45 students attended this two weeks camp. This residential program at the heavenly hill of Trikutteri is an experienced to be cherished. Yielding to the request of the enthusiastic crowd present at the final day performance, Dhananjayan announced to consider their request to continue to hold periodical camps hereafter. 

On the concluding day 5th May-Prof K.Kunhikrishnan Pro-vice Chancellor Kannur University presided and the famous film Actor and Bharatanaatyam Artiste Sri. Vineet was the guest of honour. They distributed the participation certificates to the students. Students performed a few items they learned at the camp. While thanking every one responsible for the success of this year's camp, Dhananjayan profusely acknowledged the service rendered by Guru Smt. Girija Chandran of Regatta, Thiruvananthapuram for bringing  several of her students to the camp. 

Prof. Thirunarayanan who handled the Samskrutam and Naatya Sastra classes read out a poem he wrote on The Dhananjayans. The other teachers who taught at the camp were Seetha Sasidharan, Praveen, M.Venkatakrishnan, and Gopukiran. Guru Dhananjayan handled the senior classes.  Sri. Adoor Sudarshan taught Carnatic music to all Bharatanaatyam students.  

During the camp period, for the benefit of the students a traditional Kathakali performance was held in a truly traditional set up of the campus by Payyanur Naatya Griha lead by Kalamandalam Narayanan Nambisan. A new Aattakkatha "Muttappan Charitam" written by Mr. Nambisan was presented. Adoor Sudarshan gave a music concert and Harimohan (Mridangam player) gave a demonstration on his newly discovered Taala system called "Sivapala Taalam with 13 and half matra.  

The daily routine started with Yoga lessons at 6 a.m under the expert supervision of Dr.T.V.Padmanabhan. Apart from these serious lessons, students had occasion to listen to Dhananjayans' sermons on good living, story telling, talent shows, question and answer sessions, Bhajan and interactions with scholars and eminent personalities who visited the camp, thus making their days enjoyable while learning and practicing Naatya in a very congenial atmosphere of Gurukulam. The simple Kerala Vegetarian food served kept the inmates in good health.  

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