The Dhananjayans

Steps of expressions
"The Dhananjayans delved into their vast experience and sense of aesthetics to present an enthralling Bharatnatyam performance."
- The Hindu, Friday Review Thiruvananthapuram, Jun 6, 2008

A Tribute to the maestro
"Natyacharya VP Dhananjayan, a communicator par excellence, the applause he received for the solitary item he performed was proof enough of the impact his dance had on the viewer."
- The New Indian Express, City Express, Oct 27, 2007

Perfect Partnership
"Beyond performing is the title of the latest book authored by Bharatanatyam maestro V.P. Dhananjayan, which describes the vast and varied realms traversed by this multi-faceted personality."
- The Hindu, Friday Review, Oct 5, 2007

Flavours of Gita Govind
"Shantha and V.P. Dhananjayan's performance exemplified their approach to choreography for a pair, dancing in tandem as well as in contrast to each other."
- The Hindu, Friday Review, Jan 19, 2007

Corporates could do more for promoting Classical arts
"The Dhananjayans complemented each other in training dancers of the highest order. They brought on the dance arena a wave of freshness. They are great dancers and teachers."
- The Hindu, Aug 15, 2006

Vignettes from the veterans
"The two-day International Dance Alliance Festival threw spotlight on the varied styles of stalwarts."
- The Hindu, Friday Review, Aug 18, 2006

Kalakshetra stalwarts take centre stage
"Dhananjayan was mesmarising in the bhava-laden pieces he chose to elucidate, turning simple compositions into masterpieces. The orchestra lead by Shantha Dhananjayan was one of the strongest seen in recent times."
- The Hindu, Music Season, Dec 16, 2005

A life in dance
"Fifty years of dancing together has added many dimensions to the lives of Dhananjayans."
- The New Sunday Express, Nov 6, 2005

""Maim bahut gareeb admi hoom. Bapuji aap ne mujhe Alla ko dikha diya" ( I am very poor, Bapuji you have shown me Alla)"
- an old man told Dhananjayan after witnessing his performance by the banks of Ganga in Kashi

Dance to warm the heart this winter
"The complete naturalness of showing themselves for what they are, without any hint of camouflage, and their life long devotion for Bharatanatyam makes their dance look so full of integrity."
- The Hindu, Friday Review, Dec 12. 2003

"Attractive innovations within the traditional framework is the secret behind the success of this dancing duo."
- Nandini Ramani, The Hindu, March 9, 2001

"The amazing energy, vitality, versatility and endurance of the dancing duo proves that age cannot wither nor custom stale their infinite variety and their immense talent."
- Ratna Kumar, The Hindu, December 22, 2000

"While the rest of the world explore (with no damage to basic grammar) the realms of different styles in Bharatanatyam, Dhananjayan is the odd one out. He never steps out of his alma mater, Kalakshetra, however his choreography and dramatic presentations may seem on the surface."
- AS Raman, Expressweek, December 9, 2000

"Awesome twosome: a half-century of togetherness. One can find the grace of a poet and the accuracy of a mathematician in their recitals. A multifaceted couple, Shantha and VP Dhananjayan have brought dignity to dancing in the twilight zone."
- Leela Venkataramam The Hindu, December 4, 2000

"Dance may be the forte of the young but it is the wise men and women with a streak of silver in their hair who lend it their quiet dignity. This was proved once again by Shantha and VP Dhananjayan at the India International Centre."
- Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, November 24, 2000

"Mesmerizing duet…What a spirited performance the duo presented - full of verve and detail. The passion for the art leapt across the proscenium and embraced the audience."
- Shani, Pioneer, Nov 22, 2000

Spiced with Novelty
"The Dhananjayans are a resourceful dancer-couple. Their contributions to enrich the repertoire of bharatanatyam have not many parallels in recent times."
- The Indian Express, Nov 11, 1994

"What was pure classical Bharatanatyam and the difference between mere acrobatics and Bharatanatyam could very well be understood after seeing the Dhananjayans perform. They are top class in all aspects of Bharatanatyam--nritta or pure dance (foot work), abhinaya, bhava and hasta mudras (facial expression, miming and hand gestures)."
- K Raghavan, Indian Express, Madurai, January 18, 1990

"As the recital proceeds we hear and see unusual and rare permutations and combinations in the technical compositions but unmatched brilliance in choreographic skill is apparent in the design and synchronization of movements. Without taking any liberties with the hoary traditions of this classical style, the Dhananjayans have added a new and exquisite dimension to Bharatanatyam, making one aware of enormous, untried vistas of use."
- Hima Devi, The Afternoon Despatch & Courier, September 9, 1988

"A mild state of ecstasy was certainly my response to Tuesday night's performance of the Dhananjayans...As an ensemble, they operate at a level of precision in timing and execution of movement that is simply overwhelming."
- Ed Conroy, Express-News, San Antonio, Texas, March 30, 1988

"Their Bharatanatyam performance was perfect in disposition of limbs, stances, clean-cut rhythm and crisp footwork."
- Murali, Indian Express, Sept 7, 1986

"The Dhananjayans' debut in the federal capital, Bonn, was an outstanding example of their brilliant rendering of the Bharatanatyam style in which the nuances of bhava and abhinaya harmoniously merged with the devotional aspects of bhakti and divine love as interpreted through historical and mythological legends, often centered around the figure of Lord Krishna."
- German News, March 1986

"The Dhananjayans are among the most accomplished and dedicated dancers and tutors I have known during my contacts with Indian classical dancing for nearly half a century...Their flowering into versatile all-rounders, musicians, choreographers, ballet producers, performers and teachers has been phenomenal...Dhananjayan is one of the finest of the handful of male dancers in India and an international celebrity in the sphere of Bharathanatyam...Shantha, his perfect partner in life as well as in art, has established herself as one of the foremost Bharathanatyam artistes in India and abroad. Watching them performing together is a rare aesthetic expression..."
-T S Parthasarathy, Secretary, Music Academy, Madras, 1985

"The Center for Crippled Children and Adults is truly grateful to you for bringing to us such beautiful entertainment for the benefit of the children and adults who are treated at this Center. The gorgeous costumes, the excellent music and the grace, speed and precision with which the movements were made...a very enjoyable and exciting evening."
- Shirley Renshaw, President, Grayson County Center for Crippled Children and Adults, Texas,
June 6, 1984 in a letter of appreciation

"V P Dhananjayan has the rare qualities of spontaneity and male power, while Shantha has lightning speed, and her swift airy leaps were a joy to watch...Dhananjayan showed a superb mastery of mime."
- Hima Devi, Evening News, Bombay, October 14, 1981

"The Dhananjayans have taken a new and wide canvas mounted on the easel of tradition and painted it with vividly beautiful strokes of innovative artistry."
- Ranjani Swaminathan, Indian Express, February 7, 1981

"Versatile duo...fresh and new ideas...clarity of footwork and correct delineation of expressive adavus...captivating, convincing interpretations, effective rendering..."
- Dance critic, Sunday Standard, Bombay

"Shanta and Dhananjayan brought an evening of brilliant Indian classical dancing to the theatre of National Arts Center...gorgeous costumes, excellent music, superlative dancing..."
- Ottawa Journal, April 21, 1976

"The rhythmic precision and perfection, the grace and keen aesthetic sense displayed by the couple...rendered the entire repertoire exquisite..."
- The Canadian India Times

"V P Dhananjayan with admirably noble and expressive mime, proves to what extent this oriental art form succeeds in combining pantomime, choreography and music with an evocative quality and creativity of gestures never attained in Europe..."
- Argus de la Pressee, Paris

"Excellent Indian ballet...Sri and Smt. Dhananjayan...what can one say about this unique dance couple...that it was seductive there was no doubt at all...un spectacle extrordinaire avec le ballet Indien Bharathanatyam."
- La Provancal Avignon

"Superb illustrious example of precision and presentation and choreography, with the added lustre of one of the finest supporting orchestras..."
- Dance critic, Times of India, Bombay

"...Shanta with much penetrative power mimed an imagined meeting with the child Krishna...the performers not only were a conjugal but also a rhythmical unity..."
- The Hague, Het Vaderland

"…an occasion rejoicing for the fan of the art form. Few male dancers in recent memory have given solo Bharatanatyam items so full of vigour, grace and carefully leashed power."
- Indian Express, April 17, 1971