JUNGLE BOOK (1995-97) (Collaboration)

"The unique project challenged the choreographers to blend two distinctive classical dance traditions into a cohesive movement language…proved to be a solid meeting ground for choreography representing East and West."
- Wilma Salisbury, Dance Magazine Feb 1997

"Seems fusion worked like a dream in Cleveland…at the premiere last month, 9000 people-only 2000 were Indians-showed up to watch. A roaring success, what !"
- India Today, December 31, 1996

"Jungle Book is a pioneering and monumental collaboration……….sure to be a hit"
- Anton Zuicker, Northern Ohio Live Magazine

"The work has a soul and that is what catches the attention of the viewer."
- Leela Venkatraman, The Hindu

"Timeless Jungle Book, movingly choreographed, wonderfully performed."
- The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"This ground-breaking premier collaboration has achieved an unforeseen level of interaction between two disciplines."
- SRUTI magazine, Leela Venkataraman

"The score of Pandit Vijayaraghava Rao employed a kaleidoscopic variety of tonal colors and was effective in supporting and enhancing the story…
It's better than Disney. Jungle Book is a wondrous, enchanting presentation... the dancers from both companies perform brilliantly... G. Narendra as the tiger Sher Khan was outstanding, the villain you love to hate... Satyajit perfectly characterized Mowgli..."
- Valerie Thompson, Akron Beacon Journal

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