Memories of Bharata Kalanjali, Anna & Akka

Aparna Ramaswamy
What did I learn from my teachers, Shanta Akka and Dhananjayan Anna?Their influence on my values and beliefs can be evidenced on an ongoing basis. The behavior they modeled for me still remains my target - be it professional or personal. I think of Akka's cleanliness and organization when I am housekeeping. I think of Anna's discipline and creativity when I am teaching and dancing. I think of Akka's kindness and disposition when interracting with families. I think of Anna's integrity and honesty when I teach their values to my sons. I think of their equal yet dynamic relationship between them, when I relate with my husband.

As teachers, they taught me all that I know about dance. As dancers, they taught me the art of performing.They taught me to question concepts; have to courage to be creative; had an answer for all the arguments that I still pose to them. I feel God's blessings when I see Anna and Akka by my side and feel the warmth of their love for me and mine.