Memories of Bharata Kalanjali, Anna & Akka

Aparna Raghavan
(daughter of Sangita Vidwan Sri. T.V.Gopalkrishnan)

I joined Master and Akka at the age of 7. As daughter of the versatile musician T.V. Gopalkrishnan, Master and Akka were well known to our family. They used to come home and I instantly got attached to them.

Learning from them has been a great experience, as they teach not only dance, but discipline, dedication and devotion to art and all art forms alike.
They take personal care and affection to each and every student and show no difference to anybody. They are wonderful human beings and great artists and choreographers.

Living far away from India and my family, I always think of the fond memories of my days in BK. It was filled with fun, love, lot of discipline and learning.Even though I continue to be in the dance field, teaching in Geneva, I would like my daughter Anjali to learn with Master and Akka and be with them and live the same experience we have all had.

I cannot say I would like to learn one favorite item with them, but there are many which I would like to learn again and again from them. But one item is my father’s composition - Pullayar Varnam, beautifully choreographed by them! Another item I loved to perform among others was “Aadinaye Kanna”.

Master and Akka are always with me in my heart and thoughts and they are simply incomparable. Their warmth, kindness, discipline, inspiration and human values which I inherited from them, now I pass on to my children Vignesh and Anjali!

As we say in French, ‘Ils sont les meilleurs et seront toujours les meilleurs’.