Memories of Bharata Kalanjali, Anna & Akka

Premila Ramesh

I joined master & akka at the age of 10 yrs. Since then there has been no looking back as that is what learning from Master & akka is all about. Be it dance, culture, character, behaviour, they were always around to guide me. BK is my second home even today, as it defines the very purpose of my existence as a dancer.

Attending classes conducted by master & akka is such a satisfying experience and I still long for those days. I have had the pleasure of reliving that experience, when I recently learnt an item from master during my stay in Chennai this June 2002.

The importance which master & akka give to 'adavus' in the intial stages of learning and the way they move on to 'abhinaya' after identifying the appropriate time(without rushing thru') has laid such strong foundation to my dance style & career, that I have been able to pick up the strings even after a gap of several years.

Having seen their performance recently in Oman, they have become the idols of inspiration to all art lovers in Oman. The dance style of BK stands a class apart from the run of the mill performers.

I have the identity and appreciation of my students and art lovers in Oman which I owe to my gurus. The strive for perfection thru' hardwork is the key to success and that is what I have learnt from my gurus which I am now trying to pass on to my students, so that the culture of BK lives forever. I wish to succeed atleast by a small percentage in this endeavour.

Without any exceptions, all the items that I have learnt from master have always been the most wonder ful pieces of Bharatam, some of them which have moved me deeply are 'Yenna Thavam Saeda Nai', 'Yahi Madhava' & masters choreography for numbers by Sri Dandapani Desikar. There are so many more items which I yearn to learn from master & akka, which I hope will be fullfilled some day. Personally master & akka have choreographed a 'varnam' - 'swami nee manam errangi', for one of my performances and the beauty of that masterpiececan never be expressed thru' words.

More than just being gurus , they have always been embodiments of love and affection not just to me but to all the students of Bharatakalanjali.