Fond Memories of Anna, Akka and Bharathakalanjali

Subathra Sudarshan

It still feels like yesterday, but it has been more than twenty five years now when I first met Anna and Akka. I was truly fresh off the boat from Sri Lanka in the midst of the raging civil war. When my father dropped me off with Anna and Akka, they not only accepted me as their student but also took care of me like their own daughter.

Bharathakalanjali was truly a 'Gurukulam' experience where I learnt my life lessons that formed the basis of my value system apart from Natyam. Anna and Akka opened up their hearts and minds and taught us everything they knew and never held anything back .

My happiness knew no bounds when Anna selected me to join him for the South India tour, after being a part of the school for a mere month. This was the starting of a life long journey that has formed the basis of my personal and professional life.

When I moved to UK, I was blessed to continue the journey with Anna and Akka by performing in their productions. Working with Anna and Akka, I learnt how to reach the western audiences through this sacred art. Though Bharathakalanjali, I have met some wonderful people who have become my lifelong friends.

Following the footsteps of Anna and Akka, I have started a dance school 'Bharathakala Natya Academy' in Atlanta, USA. I try to impart the same values like that were instilled in me by Anna and Akka.